We're On Awkward Tour, With Mitt Romney My Man

July 27, 2012

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On Romney's trip to the London Olympics, trying to figure out what goes wrong whenever Mitt tries to interact spontaneously with the human species.

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On Colorado, and Why It's So Hard To "Keep Politics Out Of It"

July 23, 2012

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Mitt Romney's Blackest Week Ever

July 16, 2012

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What we can learn about Mitt Romney, from his week of wacky adventures with black people.

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Ill Doctrine: Why Is Every Hip-Hop Debate So Annoying?

July 9, 2012

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Why debates about hip-hop culture are a bad influence on society.

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Frank Ocean's Independence Day

July 9, 2012

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Why Frank Ocean "coming out" without using any one label might have a power all its own. (See also dream hampton and Nitsuh Abebe).

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