A Bit About Mister Cee

April 12, 2011

For your listening pleasure, two full mix sets from last week's radio show,
plus a little video excerpt with some ranting about the Mister Cee situation.

DJ C Reality Mix 46 minutes
DJ 3D Mix - 41 minutes

There's much more that could be discussed on that story, apart from the panicked homophobia it engenders (the questions about treatment of sex workers in our society, as pointed out by dream hampton..how detached these all-or-nothing judgments are from the real world's broad spectrum of human sexuality*) but I just wanted to touch on the basic silliness of our reaction to this story in so much of the hip-hop world.

Bottom Line: How to define our sexuality, and how to define manhood, are A) two questions far more complicated than we tend to take them for, and B) Two questions that have no relation to each other. Your sexuality never makes you more or less of a man.

*not to mention thinking about a spectrum of gender beyond the simple male/female binary..or whether any concept of masculinity is even worth clinging/aspiring to..etc etc.

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