DJ Chela on the Railroad (Full DJ Set on MP3 + Video)

April 12, 2010

DJ Chela

This weekend DJ Chela sat in in our radio show on WBAI, the Underground Railroad, and spun an excellent set of hip-hop/electro/dance classics, with a few new joints sprinkled in (including the new Nas/Gil Scott-Heron team-up). I've uploaded her full set on MP3, right here for your listening pleasure:

  • DJ Chela on the Underground Railroad, 4/10/10 - 48 minutes, 44 megs

  • And here's a little raw footage of Chela on the mix, that I grabbed with my laptop's webcam. For most of the mix she stayed low key and let the music breathe, but when saw me taping she couldn't resist showing off the skills a little bit:

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