The Truth About Kanye West and 50 Cent

September 10, 2007

Kanye West and 50 Cent face off this week, and the future of music hangs in the balance. This is not a game!

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Posted by jsmooth995 at September 10, 2007 8:35 AM
Comments's back-to-school time! I HAVE to stock up on new music or else my milkcrate of cd's will look all teeny next to everyone else's and I'll be the laughing stock of Baxter Hall! No one in my dorm will be my friend if I don't participate in this whole music-rumble-thingy. Not buy cd's? You know not what you ask! But...but...I'm just a sheep! A cog in the machine! I'm not strong enough to fight this onslaught!

I'll try my darndest to survive the week. Would it be okay if I downloaded some 1960's psychedelic tropicalia?

Posted by: missb at September 10, 2007 9:08 AM

Whatup J
Dope once again--keep this Semptember reign coming--in reference to the Kanye v. Curtis debate--I dig your viewpoint--but do you think that Kanye's marketing strategy for this album, has reflected a clear admission or recognition of a changing industry--specifically, that he has reached people in various ways throughout the internet, not relying solely on traditional mainstream ads, etc. ?

Posted by: T at September 10, 2007 9:30 AM

I've felt this all along. In order for them to heal, they gotta rip that bandaid off. For the black community to heal and begin to send a more positive message, these guys need to take more personal responsibility for their actions and message. It's actually a huge issue. If I can see it, well, the cracker ass that I am, we should all be able to recognize, huh?

Posted by: Babz Bitchin at September 10, 2007 10:34 AM

Kanye's already admitted that this was all a huge marketing stunt on his behalf from the start. I was going to buy his album anyway, but the way this "rivalry" has been the talk of the town (literally, at least where I'm from) I'd say it went far and beyond what even he was imagining. As much as they want to say it, this week WILL NOT change music history, or music record companies for that matter. Most people I know these days only buy albums when they really want to support the artist anyway, so in turn, I'm buying Graduation on Mr. West's behalf without even a thought of music execs getting rich off of it.

ps. crack is wack.

Posted by: chill.tron at September 10, 2007 10:37 AM

No doubt. Nobody wants to go somewhere and buy a CD anymore. This is why the iPod will now be able to feed you music while you sit in a Starbucks... get it? People want to be able to download what they want when they want, like in the iTunes music store or on

On top of that, with mix tapes and P2P, record execs need to jump on sales ASAP before the people that would have had to go all the way to the store figure out there's a much easier way to get what they want while still enjoying the comforts of their own home.

Posted by: bill c. at September 10, 2007 10:37 AM

I think you got it right... and wrong.
Hip hop would be better if it hit rock botton and we all got that "moment of clarity" that you speak about. But maybe if everybody started to support the hip hop industry as it needs to, maybe it can rise up from this "non-selling" era.

Gotta love this blog though.


Posted by: E at September 10, 2007 10:38 AM

This is on point, as always. Can you put a few more of your vids up on youtube? I'd embed em on facebook to proselytize to friends, but I don't think I can with podtech. And in this day and age, if I just link the html page nobody will click through.

Posted by: Patrick at September 10, 2007 11:59 AM

wait, can i buy the cham cd next week?

Posted by: pece at September 10, 2007 12:25 PM


hIP hOP IS dead!!!

Posted by: T. Ramsey at September 10, 2007 12:51 PM


Posted by: rafi at September 10, 2007 1:37 PM

Sorry Jay Smooth, I bought both CDs by Kanye West and 50 Cent over the weekend, but not because of their convoluted album sales battle.

And quite frankly, I'm glad I did. Kanye West's disc is great . . . 50, not so good. And not because of this "good hip-hop vs. bad hip-hop" thing.

But I agree, the music industry is in a state of desparation and they are willing to try anything to get CD sales up.

But I can't recommend telling people to not buy music this week. For me, it's the last great pleasure in life -- buying great music at a record store.

Kanye's Graduation is great music. But I digress.

Posted by: Trent at September 10, 2007 2:05 PM

i see your concern for the music industry in the long term. but why can't people just buy music they like.? i mean. the people who actually buy cds. publicity stunts can't make a genuine music lover buy music they don't like. if record companies wanna feel like they have an actual job by pulling irrelevant strings for the actual worker (the artist) then i say let em. while they're wasting all their time and energy i'll make my own conscious decision of what i want to buy because i like the music. if you ask me, the problem is zshare, and limewire, and bitlord. maybe that's what we should be boycotting.

Posted by: jus is what your day's missing at September 10, 2007 2:24 PM

lmao @ the kenny chesney fan club. good one.

I think if kanye and 50 both sell any less than 650,000 copies each this week, we can safely call this marketing campaigne a bust.

Posted by: Sportaphile at September 10, 2007 2:26 PM

I'm a broke grad student anyway so I won't be buying CDs for a while. Plus, I hate being made a fool of by the media powers that be. I was sucked into the trap last night by watching that plane crash on top of a trainwreck called the VMAs.

Posted by: Michelle at September 10, 2007 2:26 PM

I bought Kanye's CD last week, so you can't say I killed the industry ;) I won't buy a CD this week..

Posted by: Burrn at September 10, 2007 4:34 PM

"this message is sponsored by the kenny chesney fan club"


great post, though.

wait, can i buy the cham cd next week?

>>I know I will

Posted by: D. at September 10, 2007 5:27 PM

I'm going to make an executive decision and say that the Chamillionaire album is exempt from this policy.

Posted by: Jay Smooth at September 10, 2007 5:30 PM

Rafi - Having just wathced New Jack City the other day, Pookie was the FIRST thing that came to mind when watching this video. Brother played himself out...

As for the 50/Kanye marketing biz: fuck it, I'm not buying either of their CDs, and not because I want to save hip hop: I'm not really feelin' either of them. So shoot me!

Good work Jay as always,


Posted by: Dan Love at September 10, 2007 7:26 PM

I bought Madlib's Beat Conducta in India.
The one with The Burning Train cover.

He snuck a little pic of himself in there at the bottom.

I think I'm going back to get volume 4.

Stones Throw Records doesn't count right?

-Black People

Posted by: Black People at September 10, 2007 7:54 PM

Couldn't agree with you more! This industry needs to wake up and stop ruining it for listeners and artists alike.

Q-Tip said it in '91, and it still rings true today:

Industry rule number four thousand and eighty,
record company people are shady.
So kids watch your back 'cause I think they smoke crack,
I don't doubt it. Look at how they act.

Posted by: Paul Dateh at September 10, 2007 8:01 PM

i was planning to buy the aesop rock album for the past 9 forevers.
cause he's the shit. and his marketing scheme was genius.
check it check it check it ooouut.

ooooh. humor > controversy. take that, suits.

Posted by: jus is what your day's missing at September 10, 2007 8:13 PM

Oh and one more thing for all this pop shit.


the WU is comin' thru the outcome is critical...

-Black People

Posted by: Black People at September 10, 2007 8:23 PM

yo jay smooth ur blogs r on point... yo u should speak on the jena 6..

Posted by: L.P. at September 10, 2007 9:58 PM

I feel where you are coming from. I will not be buing any cds this week, or this year for that matter. The only cd I picked up this year is Talking book by Stevie Wonder. I hope the industry business model changes too.


Posted by: Terry at September 10, 2007 10:50 PM

"Railroad" by Monk Higgins.
Sheba Baby soundtrack.
Nice one.

Posted by: eric at September 11, 2007 1:34 AM

I definitely support you cuzzin.

Make big things happen!! Support the movement!

Posted by: JMack at September 11, 2007 2:05 PM

First off, I would never buy a CD from 50 Cent and I would agree that we are getting abused by the hype machine, but I will always support my favorite artists. Even though neither artist needs my help financially, I still think that buying an artist's album compared to burning it from a friend or getting it on bootleg is a big deal.

The same reason I'd rather go to the movies on a Friday than watch the grainy version on my monitor is why I buy albums. It takes me back to the days when I had to beg my mom to buy me the newest album that dropped.

People produce art to share it with the world and in return we give them money. That's how it works. I bought Common's Finding Forever and Talib Kweli's Eardrum CDs without any influence from the hype beast, but because they are dope artists. Today I picked up Graduation knowing that I'm going to pay for GOOD MUSIC, and hopefully Kanye will continue to make GOOD MUSIC with the rest of the real artists that aren't just looking for a pay check, but for their music to be heard by the masses.

Posted by: avreal37 at September 11, 2007 4:38 PM

instead, get The Legend Of The Mask & The Assassin by DJ Muggs Vs. Sick Jacken...can't go wrong with Muggs

Posted by: tucan sam ain't nuthin ta f' wit at September 11, 2007 5:35 PM

LOL! You're a joke.

Posted by: rubyspirit at September 11, 2007 7:01 PM

People, he's just saying not to buy CDs THIS WEEK, so next week, the week after that, etc., doesn't matter... listen i think Kanye's new joint is tight too, but he's right, if Kanye sells a lot this week (the opening week where he competes with 50), the execs aren't gonna read

"Kanye sold all these albums because of his talent",

they're gonna read

"F*!% YEAH! It worked! We got these suckers to finally buy an album on opening week!"

So just download it for now and buy it when this stupid competition is over, A WEEK AIN'T THAT LONG!!!

Posted by: Erick at September 11, 2007 9:47 PM

yo, tucan,
I saw that muggs poster over the weekend at amoeba rekkids. I was wondering who the other dude was with muggs.

DJ Muggs is my hero. And a true OG who knows the formula for making beats.

He definitely has every volume of the ultimate breaks and beats.

The same cain't be said for these sucka ass new dudes.

-Black People

Posted by: Black People at September 11, 2007 10:22 PM

uh oh! where is the video? you better start singing!! hooray!

Posted by: marynificent at September 11, 2007 11:21 PM

what no new threads?????
thats it i better here a song!!!!
do thriller by mr.jackson
^^^^^^^^ classic
come on jay...........

Posted by: trusouth at September 12, 2007 12:50 AM

so i see this posted last night, but football was on so i said i'll check it tomorrow. i get up this morning to check it out, but right before i hit play, i get a booty... i mean business call, which i run right out to handle because i'm all about booty... i mean business. in route to the, you know, i hit up best buy and pick up kanye's cd. i handle my business, knock kanye on the way home, and all is right with the world. i get home, and i remember that i gotta check the blog i missed last night [along what i thought would be an additional one for today since j smooth SAAAAAAAID he was going to post one blog a day everyday all month but i come home to the same blog that was here last night and nothing for today (but i'm not saying anything)]. anyway, i watch it, and this guy is talking about NOT buying either cd this week. great, NOW HE TELLS ME!

Posted by: Kurt GoBang da2nd at September 12, 2007 1:08 AM

they are not mate when it come to this game at all and u people know it

Posted by: topsy at September 12, 2007 5:24 AM

HAHAHAHAHA - GREAT! Thank you...Thank you!!

Posted by: HipHopRemix at September 12, 2007 9:29 AM

Dammit Jay, I just got off vacation, and I thought I would do good and not get either Kanye or 50, so I got Talib Kweli......and Prince. Now I find out that it was supposed to be nothing?? Damn. I'll do better next time

Posted by: DBtheGmc at September 12, 2007 12:46 PM

So is underground hiphop artists (jean grae, lost prophets, legion of doom) exempt from dude's tyraid?

Posted by: trence5 at September 12, 2007 1:30 PM

Jay I agree with your argument...don't buy the albums. Honestly, I have no problem NOT buying their albums. Their rich... they can handle it.

But what about the song writers, producers, engineers and everyone else that makes money off the albums?

Just toss em aside and call em casulties of war? I don't know man. I agree with your theory that we need to smach Mr. Big Label on the hand, I'm just not sure I agree this is the way to do it.

Unfortunately, I don't have a proposed solution.

Posted by: JMack at September 12, 2007 4:22 PM

The music industry changed years ago. The Internet makes it amazingly easy for you do discover and aquire underground music, so I don't see why you are all so worried about it now.

Posted by: mike at September 12, 2007 8:48 PM

OK, it's not hip-hop, but Trent Reznor told his fans to steal his stuff, 'cause he's sick of the fans getting ripped off by the record companies. :)
If Kanye and 50 (and everyone else) gave a rat's azz about their fans, they'd do the same until the industry got in line.

Posted by: Beth at September 22, 2007 11:53 PM

Um if 50 and Kanye were beefing, why would his lyric in 'the good life' say:

"50 told me go head and switch the style up and if they get mad..."

Im sure its fake beef and I love it. I

Posted by: Kanye Lover at November 1, 2007 5:05 PM

I Love Becky

Posted by: Becky_KanyeLover at November 1, 2007 5:07 PM

Damn that dj muggs vs sick jacken record is a fucken classssick!
if you don't know who sick jack is from the psycho realm?? Then you've been sleeping, the man is a lyrical assassin.. Do yourself a favor and cop it now!

Posted by: kingcolby at December 12, 2007 12:41 PM

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The future of music hangs in the balance because of this two individuals?

I don't even know these two black dudes.

Much more...I don;t even consider rap is music.

What a laughable article.

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