The Hidden Truth About Hip-Hop Conspiracy Theories (and some Ill Doctrine news))

May 16, 2012

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The hip-hop internet has been buzzing about an anonymous letter entitled ""The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation" and we have the EXCLUSIVE scoop on the secret order behind this shadowy intrigue.

Starting this week I'll be premiering new videos at Animal NY, see this video's page for more details. I'll let you know here when new videos drop. Which will be more often.

For context and equal time, here are some previous takes on the idea that hip-hop's (d)evolution might have been deliberately orchestrated behind the scenes:

  • Nelson George's novel: The Plot Against Hip-Hop

  • Wise Intelligent: "This did not just happen on it's own.."

  • Too Short: "There was an industry-wide plot"

  • Former Def Jam president Carmen Ashhurst has also spoken on how the music industry pushed hip-hop toward negativity, if anyone knows where to find a clip of her speaking on it more in-depth let me know. (I did a roundtable with her on my radio show along with Afrika Bambaataa in the early 90s but I can't find the tape *sigh*)

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