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November 21, 2008

Hate Mail of the Week

Here's a fascinating psychological study, apparently inspired by my How to Tell Someone They Sound Racist video. Beyond the general train-wreckiness and the mistaken assumption that I am white, I'm intrigued by how he equates "talking black" with being "illiterate," and then how he projects both onto me even though I actually use very little slang in the video he watched (at least if I remember correctly, can't double-check now cuz I'm in the library). I guess some people have such a visceral reaction to what they perceive as a black inflection/accent that it somehow filters into their brain as "you bees a ferd grait dropout," even when the words being spoken are actually standard english?

Friday, November 21, 2008 10:29 AM
Subject: word
From: "Dutch Request" [XXXXXXXXXXXX@hotmail.com]
To: jsmooth@illdoctrine.com


My dogg. You am da man. Know what I'm sayin', yo? Da man. I'll even be giving you and extra "n" - da manN. That make you extra.

Self-loathing crackas like you who feel like they have to "be talkin like illiterates, yo" are equal to the condescending, elitist, right-wingers who've never had a blow job in their lives.

You know what I'm sayin', yo? Whats I means is you iz da same as Hannity, bitch.

So you keeps talkin' like you bees a ferd grait dropout, yo, and continue to thow the word ray-ciss in the feeble attempt to sew a scarlet "R" on people heds who happen to notice that bleck folk can't shut the fuck up in a movie theater. You fill me, yo? Know what I'm sayin'? Obama is about change. You is about sittin' in yo crib, smokin' blunts and bein' "DOWN" cause you talk funny and own a Snoop CD.

Now, look in the mirror, check yo race, and go fuck yourself.

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