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August 26, 2007

Don Imus And My OJ Prize

A commentary on the Don Imus scandal, originally recorded April 2007. I'm reposting now because it also applies to more recent situations, as far as the best ways to counteract media provocation, in the short-term and long-term.

August 29, 2007

How To Rap In Three Languages

You should put your headphones on for this one. An international cypher with freestyle champions from London (Stig), Paris (Warlock), Berlin (Jago) and New York (Big Zoo and Vice Verses). A bit of behind the scenes footage from my radio show. This cypher actually went on for 20 minutes or so, if you guys enjoy maybe I'll post a longer clip.

Who do you think rocked the best, NY, Berlin, Paris or London?

UPDATE: Here's an extra bonus clip from the session:

August 30, 2007

George Bush Vs. Miss Teen South Carolina

At least one of these two people has the power to launch nuclear weapons. Just saying. (By the way, for people who are getting here late: I posted this several days before Bill Maher went for the same joke, so don't play yourself by saying I ripped him off! I don't think he ripped me off either, it's just a pretty obvious joke)

OPV: Don't Be Mad, UPS Is Hiring

"Deconstructing Biggie" by the Recognize Real blog, interrogating the sociological impact of Biggie's lyrical jabs at the United Parcel Service.

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