Peace Go With You, Brother.

May 27, 2011

Peace go with you brother
Don't make no sense for us to be arguing now
Time is right up on us now brother
Don't make no sense for us to be arguing now
All of your children and all of my children are gonna have to pay for our mistakes someday
Yes - and until then may peace guide your way
Peace go with you brother; wherever you go
Peace go with you brother

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Raw Footage: Brother Ali on the N Word

May 26, 2011

"The thing with the 'n word': it's very very confusing for white kids who have a lot of black friends and are accepted. And I can't stand here and say that when I was 9 years old, and all my friends were black, and they were telling me 'you're basically black,' that I didn't believe that. Now I'm at a place where I'm just like 'not everybody knows me and nobody should ever have to, like, why should I impose on other people to have to confront that question in their mind?' You know what I mean?" 

-A little snippet from a conversation I had last year with one of my favorite people in hip-hop, Brother Ali.

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A Brief Note About Not Feeding The Trolls

May 12, 2011

Speaking a bit on that troll who seems to have magically disappeared now that the news networks stopped feeding him. Hopefully saying his name here will not make him reappear like Candyman.

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