T-Pain and the Know Nothing Know-It-Alls

April 15, 2010

A rant about one of my pet peeves, people who say "oh I never pay attention to politics because I know it doesn't matter, the whole system is rigged, every politician is the same, yadda yadda yadda."

Back during the 2004 election I interviewed Chuck D and this topic came up, see his answer below. Note how he applies it both to those who don't vote and those who do:

Organizations are encouraging young people to vote, which to me I think is like, yes, it's so necessary. It's like washing up in the morning. But I'd say there's a bigger picture to even that. That, okay, in December 2004, how are the issues gonna be met? And who's keeping score? My thing if you're voting and you ain't keeping score, what the f**k are you voting for?

That's why when people are like "yeah you know, Kerry, you
know straight up, that nigga the devil, you know? So, Bush, Kerry, they
the same niggas" -it's like, you're not keeping score though! And if you're not keeping score, don't even pass a comment.

(NOTE: Before you even comment on it, yes. Yes, I know. I was trying maintain continuity and not shave until I was done but my face got too itchy.)

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DJ Chela on the Railroad (Full DJ Set on MP3 + Video)

April 12, 2010

DJ Chela

This weekend DJ Chela sat in in our radio show on WBAI, the Underground Railroad, and spun an excellent set of hip-hop/electro/dance classics, with a few new joints sprinkled in (including the new Nas/Gil Scott-Heron team-up). I've uploaded her full set on MP3, right here for your listening pleasure:

  • DJ Chela on the Underground Railroad, 4/10/10 - 48 minutes, 44 megs

  • And here's a little raw footage of Chela on the mix, that I grabbed with my laptop's webcam. For most of the mix she stayed low key and let the music breathe, but when saw me taping she couldn't resist showing off the skills a little bit:

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    How TiVo Tricked Me Into Watching Sarah Palin

    April 12, 2010

    Just a little addendum to my last video. Apologies for the thoughtless reference to having a seizure, I shouldn't joke around about that so casually since I've never actually gone through it.

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    Why I'm Rooting For Sarah Palin

    April 7, 2010

    Some thoughts about Sarah Palin's debut as a Fox news host.

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    Guest Doctrine: Health Care and the Lost Art of Compromise

    April 5, 2010

    I've been meaning to address the passage of the health care bill but wasn't feeling fully qualified to break it down, so I got the noted health care expert and standup comic Hari Kondabolu to give his thoughts on Obama's health care plan, and what he thinks we could have done to fight harder for truly progressive reform.

    You can see Hari live on Thursday night here in NY, when he headlines at Comix with another great comic, Baron Vaughn.

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    More on Skills vs. Money

    April 4, 2010

    A little follow up with Immortal Technique & Diabolic on the Waka Flocka/Lyricism debate, after they dropped by my radio show to promote Diabolic's new album "Liar & a Thief." BTW when I say to Immortal Tech "maybe they built an orphanage" that's a reference to the actual orphanage he helped to build in Afghanistan last year.

    Also here's a little bonus footage from their freestyle session:

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