Station Announcement

February 18, 2010

Neither rain nor sleet nor rapping choir will keep us from our appointed vlogging rounds. We're just moving our base of operations to Nil Doctrine for the time being.

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This Is The End of Dog Racing

February 14, 2010

It is with a heavy heart I must report that on the evening of February 12th, 2010, Rap Music died once and for all. After battling a long illness, our beloved Rap was too weak to withstand the overpowering shame of that We Are The World remake.

And so, out of respect for this tragic passing, I am joining in shutting down my website forever. I simply cannot go on in a world where that rapping choir happened.

Please consider giving to the people of Haiti in memory of Rap Music, 1974-2010:

  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Partners In Health
  • Mercy Corps
  • Shelterbox
  • And join us in the grieving process at our new blog, Nil Doctrine

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    Pop Life and Race Matters

    February 13, 2010

    Why I'm not making a video about John Mayer.

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