East Coast Cats and Christopher Street Boys

October 28, 2009

Working my way back to hip-hop topics, and LJ is down with the ROC so this gets me halfway there. The target of his tweet epithets (twepithets? ok maybe not) posted quite a thoughtful response on his blog, which I might come back to later.

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Come See Me Tomorrow (10/21/09) at The Tank

October 20, 2009

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Raw Footage: "New Forms of Storytelling" Panel

October 16, 2009

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Mini Doctrine: No Accounting for Taste

October 12, 2009

An actual *mini doctrine* this time, just a hello to all my new viewers and subscribers. Bonus beat contributed by Sabzi of the Blue Scholars.


  • Beating the Little Hater
  • Ballad of the Little Hater

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    "Mini" Doctrine: A Case of Morals

    October 7, 2009

    This started out as a brief mini-video, and somehow turned into an endless obsessive rant about the minutiae of the Polanski case. This video has no entertainment value, unless you enjoy hearing "let's be clear" over and over.

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  • Why Reading About Polanski Sucks, For Me - a must read.
  • Reminder: Roman Polanski Raped a Child
  • Roman Polanski Has a Lot of Friends
  • Getting Over It
  • The Grand Jury Testimony
  • Samantha Geimer's 2003 Op-Ed in the LA Times
  • Chris Rock - on Jay Leno
  • Critique of the "Wanted and Desired" documentary
  • Detailed Analysis of the Transcripts - This piece makes a strong case that the issue of the judge's alleged misconduct is vastly overrated.

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