Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

June 29, 2009

Hello to all the new visitors from All Things Considered! I'm busy figuring out what in the world I can say about Michael that hasn't already been said, so in the meantime here are some golden oldies that might be a good introduction for newcomers.

How To Tell Someone They Sound Racist

Still the video I see cited and linked most often, a year later.

A Layman's Guide to "No Homo"
My attempt to explain one of hip-hop's most peculiar & unfortunate catchphrases.

If Bill O'Reilly Was A Rapper

Otherwise known as the video where I pretend I'm a rapper.

Beating the Little Hater

A video that felt kinda self indulgent when I filmed it, devoted to venting my frustration with creative blockage and self doubt. But I felt a little less guilty after all the great responses it brought, from viewers who each had their own insight into this struggle we all go through in one form or another.

Ballad of the Little Hater
The theme song for our global coalition against the Little Hater.
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Audio Doctrine: Processing Michael

June 26, 2009

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It's The Real Doctrine

June 24, 2009

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Operation Ignore Charles Hamilton

June 12, 2009

(also see addendum video below)

A long episode that doesn't have a lot of jokes in it, cuz I really feel bad for the kid and am not trying to clown him. I know he keeps telling himself it's okay to have everyone hating him as long as they keep paying attention. But at this point it's clearly not okay.

For some background on Charles Hamilton's issues:

  • Going In On Charles Hamilton (good overview tho a couple of details are off):

  • Charles Hamilton's Greatest Fails

  • J Dilla's Mother Speaks on Charles' claims about her family(How do you wind up starting beef with Dilla's mother?? I couldn't write that in a script. Where can you even go from here? Beef with Sasha and Malia's puppy?)

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    Death of Autotune (Robot's Revenge Remix)

    June 8, 2009

  • Death of Autotune (Robot's Revenge Mix) MP3 download
  • Now that Jay-Z shook up the world with his new single Death of Autotune, I started wondering what will happen when the music industry's army of evil robots decide to fight back? This is my vision of that apocalyptic future. Footage taken from this cool homemade video and a few other places..

    NOTE: this video is by no means meant as an endorsement of autotune usage (or of Jamie Foxx's creepy borderline date rape lyrics).

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    Mini Doctrine: A Prayer for Dr. George Tiller

    June 2, 2009

    A little footage from last night's vigil in Union Square for Dr. George Tiller. Some longer clips after the jump.

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