Mini Doctrine: Status Update (and Bonus Audio)

April 30, 2009

Not a real episode just a station announcement to let you know I'm still filming every day, but behind on editing and uploading. Plus some footage of the squirrel who keeps trying to break into my house. Should be back on schedule by tomorrow...

Also while I'm here, here's a bonus video of behind the scenes footage from my radio show, and audio of the most recent show in its entirety:

Underground Railroad 4/25/09 Hour 1

Underground Railroad 4/25/09 Hour 2
[still uploading, BRB]

Baba Israel "Education" Freestyle

The emcee/beatboxer/multi-instumentalist/educator Baba Israel, who came by my show this weekend to celebrate his upcoming move to Manchester England where he'll be running a hip-hop community arts center...after our interview he messed around with some off-the-top rhyming, responding to words we called out. In this clip he answers DJ C Reality's request for a verse about education. (C Reality is also a teacher for his 9 to 5)

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Mini Doctrine: Answering Viewer Mail

April 24, 2009

Morning Doctrine Day 5 (filmed yesterday)

A quick follow-up on the "Gold Chain" video. So uhh, should I weigh in on this Asher Roth thing next? Not sure yet.

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The Truth About Perez Hilton & Miss California

April 22, 2009

Morning Doctrine, Day 4: Why Carrie Prejean is from the future. (c) Dallas Penn.

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Morning Doctrine (Day 3)

April 21, 2009

Last Friday I started a little experiment to get back in practice with making videos...trying to do one a day for the rest of the month (with weekends optional). At first I wasn't going to post them here but now that I'm in the groove I decided to go all out with it. Let's see if I can make it to the 30th!

See days one and two here:

  • Morning Doctrine, Day 1 (where I explain the experiment)
  • Morning Doctrine, Day 2

    (NOTE: I'm not, in a literal financial sense, questioning gold as an investment, just questioning whether the over-the-top garish gold jewelry ever brings the attention or respect you're looking for that sense I don't think it's an investment that ever pays off nowadays.)

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