A Poem for The Young Voter

October 25, 2008

Just give me one more week, and then I promise we get back to hip-hop and such. Maybe two weeks. Click here if you don't get the Leon Lett reference. Also check this West Philly Obama rap that Lindsay Campbell sent me (delivered over a Thieves in the Temple loop..!)

NOTE: I'm getting a bunch of traffic from myspace right now but I can't tell where it's from, can anyone tell me who's linking to me there? Muchas gracias. UPDATE: Shoutout to Brandi C from VH1's Charm School for the myspace linkup. (See how Obama is bringing worlds together??)

[download] | [youtube version]

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EXCLUSIVE LEAK: McCain's Latest Attack Ad

October 13, 2008

They may be going a bit too far with this one.


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The Lost Tapes, Volume Two

October 7, 2008

Big shoutout and thanks to all of y'all, who helped me get featured on Current TV! And I still need ideas for stuff to talk about, so keep 'em coming.. It's hard for me not to spend every waking moment fixated on the election right now, but I want to resist making every video about that..

Now before I head back into the lab here are a few more classics from the archive, that I just added to blip.tv:

  • Hip-Hop is Dead (For You) - An early favorite, and one of Tyka's first starring appearances.

  • Bill O'Reilly Is Mad, Doggie - Another old favorite, and one I still get lots of comments on. Little did I know a year later this would lead to me co-starring in a Nas video..!

  • How To Avoid George Bush Syndrome - Learning from our president, why the "Failure Is Not An Option" mindset makes failure inevitable.

  • On Being First - A follow up to my first Little Hater video.

  • Why You Should Boycott Kanye and 50 - A somewhat cynical breakdown of last year's showdown between Kanye West and 50 Cent.

  • Ten Things To Do Instead of Buying Kanye and 50's Albums - A follow up with some better ways to spend that $15, or however much CDs cost these days.. I haven't bought one since like 1992 or something.

  • How to Rap In Three Languages, Part One and Part Two - A classic live performance from my radio show, teaming up freestyle champions from NYC (End of the Weak), England (Stig), France (Warlock) and Germany (Iago). I've since been told that this was actually four languages, since Warlock had some Arabic mixed in with his French, North African style..

  • And last but not least check this remix of my Little Hater vids, sent over by the esteemed Bill Cammack.
  • Also gotta give a shoutout to Connie Schultz at the Cleveland Plain Dealer who gave me this nice little writeup, my man SF/J for bigging me up at the New Yorker, and whoever was responsible for putting my picture in the latest Vibe (thus allowing me to pretend I wasn't buying it for the Ciara pics).

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    Jumpoff Street Battle: Palin vs. Biden

    October 2, 2008

    Imagining if Palin and Biden tried to settle things with an emcee battle (Although I'm expecting Palin to do better than this in the real thing). Mostly an inside joke for people who watch the Jumpoff TV battles. Shoutout to Mazzi, and all the great battle emcees out there. Still one of the most vibrant scenes around, even though I wish they could declare a moratorium on the gay jokes.

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