Fitted Like Pieces of Puzzles

June 29, 2007

Just a little addendum to the last post. It's the same problem we face with politics and everything else that matters, so much of our public discourse on hip-hop culture takes place within soundbyte-driven media where it's almost impossible to talk real talk about complex issues..

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Truth, Poets and Money

June 26, 2007

A little rant about the rhetorical okeydoke Russell Simmons keeps parroting about "the poets who speak the truth you don't want to hear." In fairness I gotta say that if you really listen to everything Russell says on the topic, he's actually offering a nuanced position, not far from what I'm saying. But this 10% of his rap is so blatantly corny I'm afraid it drowns out everything else.

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The ill Doctrine Dipset Anthem

June 18, 2007

An humble homage to Cameron "Hot Summer Giles, Ze, Ninja, and whoever invented these things. (Inspired by Vlog Deathmatch)

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Introducing The Ill Doctrine

June 14, 2007

ill Doctrine is now officially open for business! Please don't ask about the light saber incident, I'm not allowed to discuss it.

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Acquiring Acquisitions 101

June 13, 2007

Last week my other website was mysteriously overtaken by super-producer Just Blaze. Here, for the first time, is hidden camera footage revealing the story behind the takeover.

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What Makes A Media Revolution

June 12, 2007

(orginally recorded February 2007)
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Black Coach

June 5, 2007

A musical homage to this year's historic Superbowl (originally recorded January 2007)
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DJ Drama and the RIAA

June 1, 2007

A few thoughts on the RIAA's persecution of mixtape pioneers DJ Drama and Don Cannon.

(originally recorded 1/18/07)

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